Do yourself a career audit to set you up for success

Often, we start looking for a new role without an understanding of what we have to offer, resulting in not being able to communicate our value on our CV and in our interviews. This can lead to a delay in securing the role we want which puts us in an undesirable and unmotivated position. Having a career audit sets you up for success in your job search because it will help you uncover exactly what expertise and skills you have to offer which will enable you to communicate your value to prospective employers.

Are you in a situation where you are sending out your CV and not getting sufficient responses?, Or you may be interviewing but are not getting that yes? Chances are that you need a career audit as a starting point to really understand what you have to offer so that you can effectively communicate it. I also find that with the clients I work with, a career audit also gives them more clarity and confidence which is essential for your job search. It will keep you disciplined and will lower your imposter syndrome.

So, what questions should you ask yourself in a career audit? I am sharing with you below some of the questions I go through with my clients:

  1. What are your greatest strengths that are relevant to your desired next role?

  1. What areas of your work have you received good feedback?

  1. How have you contributed to your organisation or department's objectives?

  1. How have you added value? For example, what have you improved, reduced etc?

  1. In the absence of experience, what expertise can be transferred to your desired next role?

Once you have a thorough understanding of what it is you have to offer, this will ease your job search and you are 100% more likely to start getting positive responses from recruiters as they will start to understand your value and view you more as an asset and expert in your field.

Have you got your career audit ready for the new year? I cover a full career audit in my career coaching programme Mid-Level to Seniority. Interested in applying? Book your next step call here.


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