How to get clarity and intentional with your job search

Having clarity and being intentional with your job search is often neglected but absolutely needed. When I speak with most people looking for their next job, many start at the wrong place which is their CV. Whilst a CV is important, knowing exactly what you are looking for in your next role, and approaching it with intention will make your job search quicker, more efficient, and less stressful and overwhelming. Now, let’s take more of a dive into clarity and intention, how to do it, and how it will benefit you.


Clarity simply means being clear on what you are looking for in your next role and is the root of making a significant positive change in your career. Having clarity also makes you become well thought of and memorable to recruiters because you will be clearly able to communicate what you are looking for in a confident way which will improve your professional image.

So how do you get clarity? Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started. With all of my clients, we carry out a more in-depth exercise before the job search process starts. This makes it a lot more easier to filter jobs that do not meet your requirements and shows that you are putting your needs and wants first.

  • What job title/s are you looking for?

  • What are you looking for in terms of duties and responsibilities?

  • What salary are you looking for? (Always have a salary range in mind with the minimum being the absolute minimum you are willing to take. Communicating a range also gives you room to negotiate)

  • What industries are you interested in working in?

  • What are your deal breakers?


Intention means job searching with a clear purpose. You can only be intentional when you have clarity. Intention enables you to focus on and take concise actions needed to get you to the role you are looking for at your desired salary. Here are a few things to consider when being intentional with your job search:

  • How many and who will you connect with to get you closer to your career goal?

  • Conducting company research (based on the industries you narrowed down on the clarification exercise) and start building your list of companies you want to work for

  • Decide and block out time for applying for the roles you are interested in

If you’re struggling with your jobsearch:

  • Applying for any role you see with the job title you are looking for

  • Applying for roles sporadically and not getting anywhere

You probably do not have clarity and are not being intentional. If this is you, I invite you to have a next steps call with me to discuss how I can help you make your job search easier and get results. Commit to taking the next step to make your job search easier so that you can get the result you desire this year. Don’t be in this same position 3 months from now, or worse, settling for any and everything.

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