How to make your job search more efficient and less overwhelming

A lot of people approach their job search in a sporadic way - applying for any familiar job title on reed, indeed or the easy apply option on Linkedin (yikes!). This is not an effective way to job search and often leads to either you not getting anywhere, feeling overwhelmed as you are applying for 100s of jobs and not getting any results, or you end up getting a role that isn’t aligned with what you are actually looking for in terms of the salary, culture, type of work etc.

In order to be more successful in your job search, ie secure interviews and ultimately your ideal job, you need to be more targeted and specific. Let’s start normalising applying for roles and companies that meet exactly what you want - you deserve that!

Below are some tips on how to make your job search more efficient and less overwhelming so that you can land the exact role you want. Imagine working in an organisation that offers you everything you are looking for? YOU can make that happen.

Try approaching your job search by considering the below factors:


This is massively important when it comes to your potential salary. Unfortunately, some industries just do not pay that well, no matter how much experience or qualifications you have. The type of industry also determines how rigid they will operate. Do you want to work in a company that has loads of policies, procedures, approval processes and red tape? Or a company that is more flexible, modern and innovative (freedom, freedom, where are you…).

Company Size/Type

Do you want to work for a small or large company? Start-up or established? This will determine the scope of your role, how broad and narrow how your responsibilities will be etc.

Culture Preference

Define what type of culture you are looking for and identify which companies and industries are known for that type of culture. A good source is to check their employee reviews on glassdoor.

Job Specific Job Boards

Instead of spending hours on every and any job board, try finding a job board or recruitment agency who focus on the industry or job role that matches what you are looking for. I also highly recommend websites that narrow down which jobs they show you based on your preferences, for example Otta which I highly recommend.

I take my clients through all these factors to really help them narrow down what they really want and together we come back with a personalised job strategy that works best for them. This helps them be more targeted, specific, and get responses from companies that they actually want to work for.


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