These 3 misconceptions are the reason you are not getting results in your job search

I want to dive right in and share with you why these 3 misconceptions are the reasons you are not getting results in your job search. By not getting results in your job search, I am referring to no or limited responses to your applications or hardly any interview invites (whelp)! Misconceptions are stagnating your career progression because they lead to you simply not taking enough or any action at all. Let’s change this so that we can really take the action needed to secure a management or more senior position.

Misconception 1: Thinking you do not having enough experience

The first misconception is feeling like you do not have enough experience to progress your career to the next level. There are people who have just started their job search and have this belief without even having a look at job descriptions and therefore don’t even try to apply. Then there are others who are weeks or even months in who take a half hearted approach to applications because they do not feel like they have the experience, or eventually give in to applying for a lateral role (don’t let this be you).

Your Solution

Start believing in yourself and stop self-rejecting. Start feeling confident in and leveraging what you have to offer. Focusing on what you lack will never lead to desired results.

Misconception 2: Feeling like you need to meet all the requirements in the job description

This is very similar to the above in that you feel your experience doesn’t match all of the requirements. The reality is, job descriptions often describe the perfect candidate and often organisations don’t hire that perfect candidate as a perfect candidate doesn’t exist most of the time.

Your Solution

Apply for the job if you meet 50% - 80% of the job requirements and focus on communicating your impact and unique value. In the absence of direct experience, leverage indirect experience and transferable skills when communicating yourself to show your potential.

Misconception 3: Thinking that applying for loads of jobs = results

When you focus on quality over quantity ie. applying for jobs that are aligned with what you actually want and match yourself to these roles. I can 100% guarantee that you will achieve better results with your job search when you take this approach. A lot of people are weirdly under the impression that applying for loads of jobs will get them results i.e. the easy apply button on Linkedin or anything that shows the job title you are looking for.

Your Solution

Get clear on exactly what you want and apply for roles that are offering what you want. Be sure that your job search materials and the way you communicate your experience are a direct match for the roles you are applying for.


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